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Independent Expert for Independent Complaints Mechanism (ICM)

Independent Expert for Independent Complaints Mechanism (ICM)


The team


In 2014 Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden N.V., also known as the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), The Hague, and Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), Cologne, established the Independent Complaints Mechanism (ICM). The mechanism is set up in such a way that other European development finance institutions can join. The ICM ensures the right to be heard for complainants who feel affected by operations financed by one or more of the participating institutions. To ensure proper corporate responsibility and accountability of all participating development finance institutions towards their stakeholders, the ICM offers dispute resolution (if possible) and compliance review, i. e. a review of the respective institution’s compliance with its own policies, in particular environmental and social standards. It assists the participating institutions in drawing lessons for their current and future operations. The ICM is run according to a policy document which can be found here and here. The participating institutions have a joint Independent External Panel (IEP), consisting of currently three independent experts, to support the ICM. As a result of rotation, FMO and DEG are looking for a new Independent Expert to join the panel from September 2018 onwards.

Your role

Scope of Work:
The Independent Expert will be appointed at least for a period of two years including the option to prolong the appointment for at least another two years. This contract will reimburse the Independent Expert for:
• Institutional learning: In order to better understand development finance institutions’ work several introductory days need to be considered.
• Meetings with the complaints offices of participating institutions: The experts and the complaints offices of institutions participating in the ICM have periodical face-to-face meetings.
• Outreach: Experts can be requested to join meetings/gatherings as representative of the ICM.
• Decision on admissibility: If a complaint is lodged, the Independent External Panel performs an admissibility assessment.
• Preliminary review: If a complaint is admissible, the panel will conduct a preliminary review to get a thorough understanding of the issues at hand and to identify relevant stakeholders. The panel provides the institution with a proposed work plan for the main assessment.
• Performing a compliance review investigation or managing a dispute resolution process:
The panel conducts a main assessment including a visit to the project site and interviews with relevant stakeholders.
Reporting: The panel will deliver a final report to all relevant parties upon completion of a compliance review or dispute resolution process which might include recommendations. Furthermore, the panel will monitor and report on management’s follow-up to commitments made in response to these recommendations. Also, an annual report needs to be drafted about the work of the panel and the complaint cases.


Your background


  • Able and willing to travel to the regions that the participating institutions invest in on short notice.

  • Able and willing to meet with (senior) management and the complaints offices of participating development finance institutions.

  • No involvement in activities related to operations financed by one or more participating institutions in the last two years prior to the starting date.


  • Relevant, solid and broad academic background (minimum a master degree), e.g. in law, economics, business administration, sociology, ethnology, natural sciences, ethics, cultural studies
  • Practical experience in development, social rights, resettlement, economics, human rights, and legal issues in the public and/or private sector fields, particularly on environmental issues.
  • Knowledge of and experience with the operations of development finance organisations.
  • Proven strong ability in gathering, analysing and synthesizing information from multiple sources and presenting it orally and in writing in a concise and clear manner.
  • Highly developed communication and diplomatic skills, including the ability to engage effectively with civil society, non-government organisations, privately owned companies, member governments, other international organisations and comparable institutions, boards of directors, management and staff.
  • Experience with conflict resolution, mediation and/or conflicts that may arise in development projects will be an asset.
  • Strong project management skills.


  • Language skills: Fluent command of English; other languages, like French and Spanish, will be an asset.
  • Technical expertise: Knowledge and experience in fact-finding and evaluation strategies, methodologies, and techniques. Ability to manage a thorough and systematic investigation.
  • Analysis and problem-solving: Ability to make critical decisions based on systematic analysis and sound judgment.
  • Negotiation skills: Ability to acknowledge and manage conflicts in a timely and constructive manner, working through resistance and objections by providing proposals and negotiating compromises that take into account the key needs of all parties.
  • Communication and knowledge-sharing: Well-developed writing and editing skills; advanced presentation skills sufficient to convey complex information on issues requiring specific fact-based reporting; promotes effective sharing of knowledge within and outside the organisation, in particular with strategic stakeholders, contributing to a continuous learning environment.
  • Personal integrity.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; highly developed cultural sensitivity and outstanding team
    work skills.

Good to know: The compensation is a daily honorarium (fee) when called upon to work for the ICM.

Application and selection process:
Interested experts shall send an application for becoming a member of the panel along with a résumé providing details of education and relevant experience until and including August 10th, 2018. The selection process will consist of a round of interviews and a proposed appointment needs to be approved by FMO’s and DEG’s supervisory boards. By submitting your application you consent with our forwarding your application to complaints offices of all development finance institutions that have joined the ICM – if any - as published on FMO’s and DEG’s websites on the date of your application.

Contact details:
Please send your application electronically to

Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
Complaints Office
Kaemmergasse 22
D-50676 Koeln

In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact:
Head of DEG Complaints Office
Ms. Christiane Rudolph
Phone +49 221 4986 1530

Head of FMO Complaints Office
Mr. Friso Schellekens