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Young talent

Elif Karakas Young talent

Elif Karakas

Elif Karakas: "I come from Istanbul, Turkey. I have a B.A and M.Sc. degree in Economics. During my studies, I became interested in trade and investment policies and their impact on welfare and development of countries. After my graduation, my interest pushed me to further explore this field. I worked as research analyst at a Brussels-based think tank (CEPS), as consultant at the United Nations (UNCTAD) in Geneva and as analyst at an investment banking and asset management firm (Standard& Unlu) in Istanbul before starting at FMO in April 2014.

What makes FMO a great place to work is the culture within the organization. Partly owing to the Dutch culture, hierarchy in the work environment is minimal. FMO gives sufficient responsibility to younger colleagues and encourages them to take more on their plates. Hence, there is opportunity to grow and improve your skills and knowledge in your field of interest. I also appreciate the continuous search for improvement, be it through trainings by the FMO Academy or organizational projects.

It is inspiring to witness that employees add value to their teams thanks to their different backgrounds and nationalities. Since the organization encourages knowledge sharing through working groups or departmental projects, employees have the opportunity to work together with colleagues from various fields. FMO values diversity in its workforce and takes various initiatives to support international colleagues. It is a great experience to work at an internationally-oriented bank."