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Anne Wagenmans

Anne Wagenmans - Sr. HR Advisor

“FMO is different. After working for multinationals and financial institutions for more than 10 years, I developed the interest to work for a truly engaged company. I started working at FMO as of April 2013. I am still impressed: FMO makes a difference and is actually different. We score extraordinairily on employee engagement, due to internal mobility, a professional focus on financial and impact results, an ambitious and clear strategy and ... last but not least great coffees!”

Cyndia Dreesen

Cyndia Dreessen - Sr. HR Advisor

“Coming from a private bank and having worked in financial institutions for many years I was asked if I would be interested in an HR advisor job at FMO. At first I had my doubts; it would be better, I thought, to elaborate and deepen my HR knowledge and experience in another sector than the banking sector? Nevertheless, I let myself be convinced to just go for an interview and have a talk, and see what would come out of it. From the first experiences within FMO I felt it; this is a very inspiring work environment! People really identify themselves with FMO’s mission. FMO’s culture is a mix of professionals with a social focus. As an HR professional I get the chance to work on topics which are very interesting to me, like diversity; it’s a challenge to facilitate management to build a team of different cultures, generations and with a balance of males and females. For me, FMO is innovative, has the guts to push boundaries and really makes the difference. It’s truly a “one of a kind”, great place to work!”

Marrit VetMarit Vet - HR Advisor

“FMO’s strategy is all about empowering entrepreneurs whose business strategies contribute to a sustainable world. Because of this strategy I was attracted to FMO and after starting my career as a banker at a commercial bank, I joined FMO’s Financing Business in 2004. Since joining FMO I have experienced how inspiring it is to work with colleagues and clients who truly believe in what they are doing, passionate and are very engaged to making a difference. After ten years of building experience in various departments of FMO’s Financing Business I decided to make a career shift and since the beginning of 2015 I became an HR Advisor, having the opportunity to support FMO’s staff to excel their capabilities and support FMO’s mission from a different perspective. This for me is one of the things that makes FMO a great place to work for: FMO is very open and supportive to getting the best out of people, always with the aim to building a better world!”