Eveline Allon-van Veelen

Eveline Allon-van Veelen (HR Director)


I started to work at FMO in 2010 as a Senior Human Resources Advisor, and in 2012 I was appointed as HR Director. My vision on managing FMO’s human resources focuses on two key aspects. The first is career development: creating room for our employees to explore their development opportunities. We are a small organization, and because of that there is a limit to the number of career paths that lead directly to a management position. We make it a priority to enable people to explore different ways of developing themselves. This can take the shape of job rotations, secondments and other opportunities for ongoing learning.

The second aspect is diversity. We strive to have diversity in culture, age and gender in all levels of the organization. I really believe that diversity in an organization produces better decision making and therefore better solutions for our clients. Not only does staff diversity helps us to better service our clients, it also creates a more welcoming work environment for a wider range of people.

From the perspective of being an employee myself, I must say that I’ve never worked at an organization where the people were so connected to the mission of the company. Because of this fact, you see real engagement among colleagues; real motivation and ownership of the bank’s vision. The kind of population we have here is one that takes a lot of responsibility for their work, and this produces amazing outcomes. So as you can imagine, when we look for new hires we really look for a connection to FMO’s mission and vision.

Perhaps the best way to think of FMO is as a community of intrinsically motivated, optimistic professionals. At FMO people are very interested in each other and take care of each other, professionally but also personally. You’re not just a number here. We know each other well, probably because there are so many social events and opportunities to get involved. You have different sports events, the FMO magazine, drinks and "Young FMO”, to name a few. It doesn’t take long before you get to know most of your colleagues, and you feel a part of the FMO community.