FMO Staff

FMO Staff

Jorim Schraven (Director Strategy)

JorimI joined FMO in 2008 and have seen many different departments within the organisation. I started on FMO’s business side as Investment Officer and became Manager of the Financial Institutions Africa department in 2009. This department is responsible for financing the Financial Sector in Africa as well as for providing Capacity Development assistance. Later on, I took on the role as Manager of the Credit Department and Chairman of the Investment Committee to assess FMO’s investments and to decide whether or not these investments would fit FMO’s mission and goals. More

Esther Adema (Compliance Administrator)

Esther When I decided to stay in the Netherlands many years ago I dreamed of working for a Dutch organization. After having worked at the Embassy of Peru in The Netherlands for twenty years -with great pleasure I must say-, I realized that I shouldn’t wait any longer to pursue this goal. My ideal new work environment was a Dutch organization with an international perspective and that was engaged in developing countries, so FMO was already on my radar. When the opportunity arose I immediately applied for a vacancy.  I started in 2004 as Secretary in the Human Resources department which at that time managed the HR affairs of FMO’s 200 staff employees– FMO has since more than doubled in size. More

Agata Dyba-Dijkstra (Internal Communications Advisor)

Agata Having worked only for commercial companies since I graduated from university, I felt that I needed a change. I wanted my work and efforts to contribute not only to the success of the organization, but to reach out further, I wanted to make a difference. And what could be a better place to do that than FMO, a development bank with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to build a better world.

When I made a decision to move to FMO, I hoped that my studies at the Poznan University of Economics and Business (Poland), would compensate my lack of experience in a banking sector. Getting this job felt a bit like closing the circle. More