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FMO’s Mission

FMO’s Mission

We are the Dutch development bank. We support sustainable private sector growth in developing and emerging markets by investing in ambitious companies. We specialize in sectors where our contribution can have the highest long-term impact: financial institutions; energy and agribusiness, food & water.

FMO employees share the entrepreneurial spirit of the clients whose businesses we help to develop. We are driven by a desire to create more than profit alone: FMO has embarked on an ambitious journey to double its impact and to halve its footprint by 2020.

Corporate Culture and Values

FMO is active in an international environment and is aware of the importance of being open to the needs and wishes of each stakeholder, while taking into account its own integrity and social responsibility. FMO strives for a flawless reputation for integrity. Accordingly, we expect all employees, irrespective of their position, to behave beyond reproach. They should act, and in certain cases refrain from acting, fully as FMO expects a good employee to do. We have created an open culture based on respect, integrity and social responsibility. Our employees are engaged, want to make a difference and cooperate to create excellence.


We believe in the value of diversity. By nurturing diversity in our organization we invite different perspectives and approaches to our work, which contribute to improving our performance. We focus on diversity of competencies, gender, nationalities and ages.